PP PE Filler Masterbatch Plastic Pellet Machine Extruder

Technical Data of pp pe filler masterbatch plastic pellet machine extruderModeScrew DiameterD(mm)Screw Length(mm)L/DScrew RaterN(r/min)Motor PowerP(kw)TorqueT(N.m)TorqueLevelT/N3CapacityQ(kg/h)Weight(kg)Dimension(m)SHJ-202215032-446005.5437.5 0.5-1010001.7*0.5*1.8TSE-30A31 32-48500111055.9 

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Technical Data of pp pe filler masterbatch plastic pellet machine extruder
ModeScrew Diameter
Screw Length(mm)L/DScrew Rater
Motor Power
SHJ-202215032-446005.5437.5 0.5-1010001.7*0.5*1.8
TSE-30A31 32-48500111055.9 5-3015002.4*0.63*2
TSE-30B 600151196.7 5-40
SHJ-35A35.6 32-48600151194.4 20-60  
TSE-40A4116032-64400222636.4 65-11030002.9*0.65*2
TSE-40B4116032-52600302395.8 90-150
SHJ-50A50.5 32-52500454305.4 135-225  
TSE-52B51.521032-64600554385.5 225-25030003.8*2*0.69
TSE-52C51.521032-64600755977.5 200-300
SHJ-65A62.424032-52400758956.3 180-25040004.2*0.67*2.2
500757165.1 180-250
TSE-65B62.424032-64600907165.1 200-300
SHJ-75A7129032-564009010745.0 225-35040004.8*0.78*2.3
50011010504.8 250-450
TSE-75B7129032-6460013210504.8 350-550
TSE-75D7129032-6460O220-25019909.2 500-1000
TSE-95A9336032-6450025023875.0 600-100040006.2*0.87*2.4
TSE-95B9336032-6460031525065.3 800-1200
TSE-135A133 32-6450075071625.38 1500-22504000 
PP PE Filler Masterbatch Plastic Pellet Machine Extruder

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KR-Mach is a leading plastic and rubber machinery supplier. 
Our products includ:
1 Plastic Extrusion Pelletizing Machines
2 PP PE+caco3 filler masterbatch
3 Plastic Recycling Machines
4 color masterbatch machine
Over the years we have supply the world market, like USA UK FRANCE RUSSIA TURKEY SOUTH ASIA MIDDLE EAST
SOUTH AMERICA all kinds , all kinds of plastic and rubber machines. 
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PP PE Filler Masterbatch Plastic Pellet Machine Extruder

Before sales
 1. introduce products and application details
2.recommend suitable solutions
3. provid with reference information
During manufaturing
1. provid with layout and engineering conditions
2.inform the processing conditions
3. offer other documents
After Sales
1.provid with installation and trainning
2.offer spare parts
3. Provid with neccesary technical support
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Kairong group , headquartered in Nanjing, China, is a global manufacturing and trading company in the field of highperformance plastics and rubber processing equipment , extrusion solutions, masterbatch and compounding, etc. Its unit Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Company is a prefessional manufacturer of twin screw extruder, single screw extruder ,two stage extruder and its related auxiaries.  We tailor solutions from raw materials, materials processing equipment, to injection for different customers. Each Kairong solution is designed , manufactured, and commissioned by experienced teams of professionals engineers and aftersales staffs.
PP PE Filler Masterbatch Plastic Pellet Machine Extruder

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