Industrial Grade Light Caclcium Carbonate Precipitated Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 for Africa Markets

We are proffessional exporter and supplier of  Calcium carbonate ( Heavy /Light/ PVC / Superfine active),If you need these materials please contact me !Below Information for heavy Calcium carbonate :Specifications of CaCO3Heavy Calcium Carbonate is widely used as filler and improver. Technical data

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We are proffessional exporter and supplier of  Calcium carbonate ( Heavy /Light/ PVC / Superfine active),If you need these materials please contact me !

Below Information for heavy Calcium carbonate :

Specifications of CaCO3

Heavy Calcium Carbonate is widely used as filler and improver. 

Technical data for reference :(ZCC 902)

Test ItemIndex
StandardConformable with HG/T 3249.1~3249.4-2013
CaCO3 W/%97
Whiteness 94.5
Oil absorption(linseed oil)(g/100g)26
105ºC volatile /%0.18
Heavy metal(Pb) W/%≤ 0.003
appearance white powder
Mesh size600
Packing & Loading Qty25kgs/bag (27tons/20ft )

Specification of ZCC905 and ZCC 918 for reference :

standardConformable with HG/T 3249.1-3249.4-2008
CaCo3 W/%97.00 97.00 
whiteness95.20 94.70 
D97/μm15.00 18.50 
Oil absorption(linseed oil)(g/100g)28.50 28.00 
105ºCvolatile/%0.20 0.18 
Heavy metal(Pb) W/%≤0.003
appearancewhite powderwhite powder
Mesh size400/800/1000/1250/1500
Packing & loading qty25kgs/bag(27tons/20'fcl)

Calcium carbonate can be used in plastic,rubber,paper and paint industries,It has the characters of low price, high purity,difficult to have chemical reaction,good heat resistance,low oil absorption and nontoxic.
( can be using in Detergent industry,Soap industry, Foam Industry,etc , as a filler and save the cost );

 Calcium carbonate is widely applied in plastics industry, PVC pipe and cable writing, papermaking and coating and paint and ink, adhesive, toothpaste, high-grade ceramic tile, artifical marble, leather, food, medicine and comestics industries


1: In rubber industry: calcium carbonate was the earliest filler used in the rubber industry,it can enlarge the capacity in the rubber products,for saving the cost,It aslo enhances the tensile strength,abrasion and tearing strength.

2:In plastic industry: as the framework in plastic products(pvc pipes,fittings,panels,color master batch),keeping stability of the products,strengthen the products,keeping surface smoothly,since the calcium carbonate is high white,it can place the expensive the white polyethylene,for whitening the plastic products.

3:In coating industry: calcium carbonate can be used as white pigment,up a frame function,calcium carbonate in the coating industry can be used as inert pigment,Due to the calcium carbonate color is white,in coating relative latex,solvent prices are cheap,and fine grain,can in coating evenly dispersed,so is a lot of use of inert pigment,Calcium carbonate filling can enhance primer to basic level surface sedimentary and permeability.

4:In paper making: whitening the paper,and as the filler, can reducing the pulp,for saving the cost.

Below Specifications for LIght type Calcium carbonate :

Test ItemIndexTest Result
Standard GB/T9281-2003
Calcium carbonate(CaCO3) % ≥9898.7
PH value 9.0-10.010.0 
Volatile below 105°C % ≤0.40 0.30 
Particle size um(average)3.0-5.03.0-5.0
Insoluble matter in hydrochloric acid % ≤0.10 0.01 
Sedimentation volume ml/g ≥2.80 2.90 
 Fe content%≤0.08 0.001 
Mn content , ≤0.005 0.001 
Residue 125μm Test sieve% ≤0.005 0.001
Residue 45μm Test sieve% ≤0.30 0.03 
Whiteness %≥90.0 96.70 
Moisure content %≤--
Result Superior class

Chemical name: Precipitated calcium carbonate /Light calcium carbonate

Molecular formula: CaCo3

Properties: white powder,tasteless and odorless,non-toxic,light,air stable,slightly hygroscopic.

Uses: Precipitated calcium carbonate is the most popular inorganic pigment,is widely used in rubber, paper, plastic,adhesive,paint, ink,daily necessities,drugs and feed.

Packing:composite plastic woven bag,25kgs/bag

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