Techmer PM and Cupron in Strategic Partnership to Expand Access to Cupron’s Copper-Based Antimicrobial Technology | Plastics Technology

2021-12-27 21:42:49 By : Ms. Coco Coco

Techmer will act as Cupron’s primary technology partner, manufacturer, and sales & marketing representative.

Edited by Lilli Manolis Sherman

Techmer PM LLC and Cupron Inc., Richmond, Va., have struck a deal to strengthen and expand their long-standing partnership related to the latter’s patented, copper-based antimicrobial technology. Techmer PMwill now act as Cupron’s primary technology partner, manufacturer, and sales and marketing representative for a wide range of market applications.

Cupron formulates an active, oxidized copper ingredient in powder form, and Techmer encapsulates the product during its polymer compounding process. The ingredient helps to kill bacteria and has been shown to impart durable antimicrobial, anti-odor, and skin-enhancing properties to various finished products within sectors such as transportation, healthcare, recreational and consumer products, and retail and workplace environments.

Cupron has been working on this technology since the viral outbreaks of 2010, and their product gained much more attention for its beneficial properties during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s technology has earned multiple public-health claims from the U.S. EPA, and additional innovations are in development.

“Since the emergence of COVID,” says Cupron CEO Christopher Andrews, “we believe that demand for antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial products will endure, becoming standard offerings to improve environmental safety in healthcare and beyond.”

The resulting increase in demand for its technology in various end products has prompted Cupron to turn to Techmer PM to help expand its sales and marketing reach, while also allowing Techmer customers to gain preferred access to Cupron’s proprietary technology.

According to Techmer PM product development manager Kaan Serpersu, Techmer PM designs and formulates materials with Cupron’s additive to achieve optimum dispersion, color control and processing stability for the desired end-use for moldings, fibers or films in a wide range of different polymers.

Said Techmer CEO Michael McHenry, “The marrying of Techmer's polymer design and production expertise with Cupron's antimicrobial and regulatory expertise will help to bring a new range of differentiated products to the marketplace. We are excited to partner with Cupron to take this technology to a broad range of next-generation applications.”

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